Friday, May 21, 2010

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

You may have noticed that things have been unusually quiet on the blog front. As my real life approaches the busiest season at work I find sadly that I haven’t enough time to blog. This is especially sad because it is season finale time, and there is so much to talk about. I’m mostly sorry that I am so behind on my Lost blogging. I won’t be able to get any recaps out before the finale, but suffice it to say that we are loving every minute. We’ll be watching on Sunday, shaking and crying, all the way through to the Jimmy Kimmel special.

To hold you over, here is a gif of Ben with his Constant.

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No, not Desmond. Being punched in the face is Ben’s Constant. Obvs.

And here's this, which just makes me giggle:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost ~ The Candidate

So as you may have noticed, there has been no recap for The Candidate yet. There is a perfectly good reason for this – I’m still too emotionally fragile. At this point you should have seen the episode. If not avoid the following GIFs and prepare for your heart to be ripped out of your chest once you finally get around to watching.

So instead of my usual recap let’s just mourn together via GIFs, shall we?

We had pretty much prepared ourselves for at least one death this episode. At first things were looking up!

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While it’s nice to dream, I didn’t truly believe they would kill Kate off quite yet (if at all).

In the sub Jack actually had a good idea for once but Sawyer understandably distrusted Jack’s instincts (I mean, to be fair, the last time they listened to Jack it killed Juliet).

Sayid, deciding to make his last act a noble one so people would stop calling him an evil killer, told Jack to go find Desmond, and he ran off with the bomb.

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Frank managed to slip in a quick one-liner before being knocked down by the door and submerged in water.

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Sawyer got knocked unconscious and was bleeding from his head. Jack ordered Hurley to take Kate to the surface. Jack took Sawyer, but was ordered by Jin to leave him and Sun behind. Sun was trapped, but Jin would not leave her again.

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We. Are. Devasted.

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So this episode’s confirmed deaths include Sayid, Jin, and Sun. Although it seems unlikely that Frank would have been able to escape the sub by himself, the lack of media acknowledgement of his death, and the fact that there have been no interviews or statements from Jeff Fahey about the demise of his character, leads me to believe that there may indeed still be hope for our beloved pilot.

Amusing sidenote:

Remember how Jack sent Hurley to find the first aid kit to save Kate?

FAIL. Do you think that if they never opened the backpack looking for bandages the bomb never would have detonated? According to Jack’s theory, it probably wouldn’t have.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fringe ~ Brown Betty

So a few months ago when we heard that FOX was forcing all of its shows to work some type of music performance into all of their series that aired this week, we were more than a little worried. Remember the week of awkward Simpsons references? Well Fringe took this challenge and made it into something truly wonderful. Instead of trying to slip this in to their mythology heavy plot, they built an entire episode around it. For us, it was a complete and utter success. Then again, the combination of Fringe, detective film noir, musical numbers, and pretty costumes is basically guaranteed our love from the get go – so maybe we’re biased. We also loved the 1940’s styling mixed with modern technology.

First let’s get reality out of the way. Walter made himself a special marijuana hybrid he has named Brown Betty. Combine Brown Betty with al label maker and you get a remarkably organized lab. You also get me and Courtney desperately wanting a label maker for no logical reason. Olivia shows up at the lab with Ella, whom Olivia is babysitting. There’s a lead on Peter’s whereabouts and Olivia asks Astrid to keep an eye on Ella. Olivia heads off and Walter entertains Ella (or Stella as he called her, much to our delight) with a story heavily influenced by Brown Betty and his mother’s love of detective stories and musicals. After the story has ended Olivia returns to say that she had no luck finding Peter. Astrid takes Walter home and September observes him, calling in to an unknown college to say that the boy has not yet returned and he thinks Walter may have forgotten his warning.

Walter’s story was altogether fabulous. Here’s a semi-quick summary. Detective Olivia Dunham had her heart broken by the loss of her love (John Scott). Rachel comes into her office and asks her to find her missing boyfriend, Peter Bishop. While Rachel is explaining her case her mouth opens to sing but it is Walter’s voice we hear, singing “Head Over Heels”. And this is why we love Fringe. Moving along, Olivia visits Lieutenant Broyles at a piano bar, where he plays and sings “Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys” beautifully. She asks him for a favor while subtly reminding him that she saw him plan evidence to get his promotion 6 years ago. Sly. Sidenote: I’m pretty sure that in this story Olivia and Broyles had a torrid affair in the past. Just saying. She shows Broyles a incomplete logo that was found in Bishop’s apartment. Broyles completes the logo and sends her off to Massive Dynamic.

Olivia meets with Nina Sharp who warns her that Peter Bishop is a dangerous con man and is probably up to no good. Olivia calls Rachel who picks up the phone in a middle of a struggle and yells for help. When Olivia gets to Rachel’s apartment she finds Rachel dead with her heart surgically removed from her chest. When Broyles arrives on the scene he tells her that Rachel wasn’t really Peter’s girlfriend but a hired actress. When Olivia leaves she snatches Rachel’s date book and finds a check made out to her from a Dr. Walter Bishop. She calls the operator and gets his address. She visits Walter in the lab, where we find Twister-dotted Gene, bright cheery gadgets, and corpses. Walter (who is in a wheel chair in this story) is the inventor of all things wonderful, like rainbows, hugs, flannel pajamas, and bubblegum. He’s latest project is singing corpses, who break into a verse of “The Candy Man.”

“Why not bring a little life to the death, I say?” ~ Walter

Walter tells Olivia that Peter (whom he is not related no, the last name is just a coincidence) was once his trusted lab assistant. He had paid Rachel to hire Olivia to track down Peter who had stolen Walter’s glass heart. Walter opens up a steel door on his chest to reveal the he is running on batteries for now but that he’ll die without the glass heart.

Olivia is going to help Walter, of course, but first she needs to rehire her assistant. Walter calls this character Esther Ficklesworth, purposefully butchering Astrid’s name to her annoyance. We’ll just call her Astrid to avoid confusion. Astrid is interviewing for a job at a heath care facility. She begins singing “I Hope I Get It” but is interrupted by her cell phone. Olivia says she needs her help on the case. Astrid is resistant, considering she was just fired and is owed 6 months of back pay. She changes her mind when she hears Olivia being attacked over the phone.

In the parking lot September (Michael Cerveris) attacks Olvia, telling her not to stick her heart out where it doesn’t belong. He cuts her chest with a unique weapon. Later, Astrid helps clean Olivia’s wound and they discover it is healing very quickly on its own. Olivia sketches the weapon and takes it to the patent office where Brandon, our favorite Massive Dynamic employee in the real storyline, tells us that the patent belongs to a big tech company out of Manhattan and says he wished he could work somewhere like that. The company, of course, is Massive Dynamic.

A pissed Olivia goes back to MD to confront Nina sharp. Nina tells her that the prototype was stolen by a group of men known as The Watchers, whom Olivia was attacked by. Olivia remains suspicious and busts one of Nina’s taillights so that it will be easier to follow her home (nice China Town move). At Nina’s home Olivia listens in to her communicating with William Bell (or at least with his CGI Avatar).

She tells him that Peter has the glass heart and she will get it for him so they can open the portal between the two worlds and be together. Olivia is knocked unconscious from behind.

She awake sin a boathouse where Nina Sharp says she warned Olivia to stay away from this. She and the Observer seal Olivia in a wooden crate and send her off to sea. The crate fills with water and Olivia appears to be doomed until Peter appears in boat and frees her (a nice call back to Peter pulling Olivia from the tank in season 1). He takes her back to his hideout and lets her shower and change into a pair of his pajamas. He asks her if she likes jazz, and she says not particularly – but she does like dancing. Peter doesn’t like dancing but says he would dance with her because he thinks she would be good at it. He explains to her that Walter was lying. All of the wonderful things Walter has created was actually stolen from the dreams of children and replaced with nightmares. Hold up – what child is dreaming about singing corpses as a good thing? Moving along, he tells her that the glass heart is his – that he was born with it. He opens up a door in his chest to show her. He originally gave it to Walter but took it back when he discovered the truth.

Peter’s hideout is attacked by The Watchers, who steel the glass heart from Peter’s chest. He instructs Olivia to put batteries in the hearts place but to be careful not touch any of the nerve endings He said it was like Operation (which real-life Walter sucks at, according to Ella). She is able to connect the batteries but he has fallen unconscious. She tenderly and softly sings “For Once In My Life.” I’m so glad that they had her do this mournfully and gently, and not in a full out production number. Also, Anna Torv was super Australian-y when she sang. It warned our hearts and apparently it did Peter’s too, because he regained consciousness. She tells him that she knows who has his heart.

They arrive at Walter’s lab and find him with the heart. Walter pleads with Peter and says that he can change – he can still do so much good in the world. Peter takes the heart and leaves with Olivia. Walter, alone, sadly sings “The Candy Man.”

This ending just won’t due, according to Ella. She tells him how it really ends. She says that Peter splits the heart in two and gives one half to Walter. Olivia and Peter dance and Walter puts half of the heart in his chest.

And they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost ~ The Last Recruit

Yes, I know it took me a whole week to get this up. So let’s just say this serves as both a recap and a refresher in this Lost-less week. Moving along.

Once again the internet is full of a bunch of Negative Nellies who are blasting this episode as being “pointless” and “a waste of time.” It’s true that, despite a massive amount of action, little actually happened in the grand scheme of plot advancement, and some of the acting was a little underwhelming (I’m looking at you Fake Tina Fey), but I personally went away from this episode feeling completely satisfied. The Sideways-verse plotlines might have felt a little jarring since they were not focused on one character’s perspective, but they existed mostly to orientate the audience to where all of the characters are in time since the last time we saw them, and to begin to get everyone to where they need to be. On island, things were a bit more focused on Jack and getting everyone to where they need to for the action of the next episode, which I hear is going to be a humdinger (yeah, I said humdinger, what?). If you haven’t watched this episode yet, you know the drill – scoot! The rest of you hurry on down to the rest of the blog – but try not to get lost along the way!

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The Sideways-verse: Where everyone’s got a shit-ton of stuff to do

Locke is rushed to the hospital after having been run over by Desmond. Ben rides in the ambulance with him. The Paramedic says that they aren’t seeing any responses or reflexes in his lower body and Ben tells them that’s because he is a paraplegic. Ben says he doesn’t know Locke that well and in fact doesn’t know his first name. He does say that he can give a full description of the man that hit him, which the paramedics say he can give to the police at the hospital. The Paramedics need to know who to notify and Locke is able to mumble to Ben “Helen Norwood” and says that he was going to marry her. Ben tells Locke that he still can marry her, because he is going to be okay. Locke says his name is John.

When the ambulance arrives at the hospital Sun is also being wheeled in on a gurney. Jin is repeating the word “baby” so that they know she is pregnant. They tell him that they understand. As they enter the hospital Sun and Locke’s gurneys end up side-by-side and Sun looks over to see Locke. She freaks out, saying (in Korean), “No, no, no” and “it’s him, it’s him.” Jin has no idea what she is talking about.

At the police station, James asks to have a moment with Kate. He picks up her file and reads off her list of offenses, including arson and murder. He says that she doesn’t look like a murderer. She says that’s because she not. He brings up the coincidence of them running into each other again.

“Don't you think it’s weird that we were on the same flight, we meet in the elevator and then of all the cars in L.A., you run into me.” ~ James

Kate asks if James is hitting on her. She then asks why he didn’t arrest her in the airport elevator when he saw her with the cuffs. He claims that he didn’t see any handcuffs, just a woman who needed the door held. She says that it’s because he didn’t want anyone to know that he had been in Australia and asks if she should tell the feds that. James considers this and says that he likes Kate. Miles calls James over to say there has been a multiple homicide. He says Keamy and three of his goons are dead and there are two witnesses who don’t speak English, one of whom was shot. The look at the security footage which shows the suspect (Sayid) leaving the restaurant.

Claire arrives at an office building and is looking for the adoption agency which she told is on the 15th floor. While she signs in Desmond appears and is a total creeper, as per usual these days. He reintroduces himself and looks over her shoulder to read her name off the sign in sheet.

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Weirded out. She tells Desmond that he was right, the baby is a boy. Desmond then proceeds to follow her up the escalator and into the elevator. He tells her that adoption is a complex legal mater and that she should have representation. He offers to set he up with the lawyer he is about to meet with. Claire is hesitant, especially about the expense, but Desmond implies that she shouldn’t worry about that. He introduces her to Ms. Verdansky.

 Hey Ilana! Hey American accent! What-up with dat? Desmond introduces Ilana to Claire Littleton, and Ilana asks if she is from Australia. She says she’s been looking for her! She takes Claire away into an office.

Sayid returns to Nadia’s house and begins packing. He says that he has taken care of their situation. She wants to know what he did, but he will only say that he has to leave right away and that he can never come back. The police arrive and Sayid asks Nadia to stall as he heads out the back. Nadia opens the door to Miles after requesting to see his identification. Miles sees the suitcase on the table. Sayid attempts to escape out the back but is tripped by James with a garden hose and arrested.

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What if Sayid hadn’t come out that way – would James have hung out with that garden hose stretched for another ten minutes and then felt like a total ass when Miles came to find him? Probably.

Jack and his son, David, arrive at the office building for the reading of Christian’s will, and look adorable while doing so. Those Shephard boys sure do clean up nice. Jack is on the phone with David’s mother, who apparently is back in town. He says that he’ll bring David home at 5, but David makes a face for him to say later, so he says they might grab dinner after – so make that 7. When Jack gets off the phone he tells David that he knows the Will reading isn’t exactly fun and he says it’s okay to be sad. David says he is said for Jack. In the lawyer’s office Ilana meets them and asks says she has a surprise. She asks if they believe in fate. She takes them into the conference room and introduces them to Claire. He asks how she knew his father, and she said he was her father too. Jack is speechless and full of Jears.

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He receives and emergency call from the hospital and says he needs to go and that they’ll need to reschedule.

At the hospital Sun wakes up with Jin at her bedside. Jin says that she is going to be okay and that the baby is fine too. He says that it’s all over and they’re going to be okay.

David and Jack walk through the hospital. Jack asks if David is sure he’s okay, and David says it’s fine. Apparently it’s completely normal for doctors to leave their teenage children and let them roam the hospital halls unsupervised. David wishes Jack luck in surgery. Jack heads in and is caught up on the case – a paraplegic who was hit by a car. They say his dural sac is obliterated, which is a nice call back to the case Jack told Kate about in the Pilot . Jack goes into surgery confidently and looks down in the mirror to see his and Locke’s reflections. He says he thinks he knows this guy. He is, no doubt, remembering their meeting in the airport. Looks like Jack is going to have a chance to make good on his claim to Locke that nothing is irreversible. I think he’ll be walking down that isle with Helen after all.

Original Timeline: A nice day for a swim

MIB is pleased as punch to see Hurley’s group stroll into the camp. He tells Jack that he was hoping he would come and asks to speak to Jack alone. Jack checks in with Hurley first to make sure that it’s okay, seeing as how this was Hurley’s plan and all. Hurley gives his blessing and I predict this is the last we’ll see of Hurley as a leader for a while. MIB sits on a log and Jack squats in front of him. He remarks that he really does look just like John Locke and he asks why MIB chose Locke’s appearance.

“Cause he was stupid enough to think he was brought here for a reason, because he pursued that belief until it got him killed and because you were nice enough to bring him back in a wooden box.” ~ MIB

Jack remarks that Locke was the only one who ever believed in the island and that he did everything he could to try and stop them from leaving the island. MIB says Locke wasn’t a believer, he was a sucker. Finally Jack comes right out with what he’s been wanting to ask for some time. He wants to know if the vision of his father that he saw when they first arrived on the island (White Rabbit) was actually MIB. MIB says that it was indeed him and he did it to lead them to water so they would survive. He says he was been trying to help them all along, but that Jack had been trapped because Jacob chose him.

“All I've ever been interested in is helping you to leave, but because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on the Island.” ~ MIB

He tells Jack that with Jacob dead they are finally free to leave the island. The trick is that they need to do it all together. On the way back to the camp Locke notices Claire following them and calls her out. Claire says that Jack is her brother and MIB leaves them alone to catch up. She tells Jack that she has never really had much in the way of family so it means a lot to her that he’ll be joining them. He says that he hasn’t really decided yet whether or not he was joining them.

“You decided the moment you let him talk to you. So like it or not, your with him now.” ~ Claire

Back at the camp Sawyer is filling Hurley in on the details of the plan to steal Widmore’s submarine and hightail it off the island. Sawyer tells Hurley that Sayid isn’t invited because he’s gone to the dark side.

Sawyer: Sayid has gone over to the Dark Side.
Hurley: Yeah, but you can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean, Anakin.
Sawyer: Who the hell is Anakin?

Sawyer’s pop-culture reference failure disappoints me, but he’s more of a classic Star Wars kind of guy. Besides, he’s been rocking the 1970’s for so long it’s understandable for him to dismiss the prequels I suppose. Anyway, Kate is explaining the plan to Sun in the distance (they are avoiding huddles to remain inconspicuous). Sawyer tells Hurley to keep the plan a secret (obvs) and Claire comes waltzing up with a big “good to see you” hug for Hurley. Somehow this seemed much more genuine that Claire’s other hugs where I’ve been sure she was about to snap and kill everyone. I guess everybody really does love Hugo after all. Plus he’s a super hugger.

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MIB addresses the camp and says it is nice to finally everyone together again. Kate joins Jack and he tells her that he isn’t sure whether to follow MIB or not. Zoe (aka Fake Tina Fey aka Stranger Glasses Bitch – the internet really doesn’t like her) arrives and tells MIB to return what he has taken. MIB plays dumb. Zoe communicates with someone on a two-way radio to confirm that they have a fix on her position. She says to show MIB what they’re capable. A missile is fired and explodes just beyond the group.

MIB is not fazed. Zoe says he has until nightfall to return what he took and leaves the radio for communication. Once she is gone MIB throws the radio on the ground and smashes it with the stick he was working on last episode. Apparently the wood told him it wanted to smash radios when it grew up. MIB declares, “Here we go.”

MIB tells the group that their hands have been forced by Widmore who is pushing for a confrontation. He tells everyone that they must gather their things and make their way to the Hydra Island so they can get on the plane and fly away. MIB gives Sawyer a map to a boat (Desmond’s boat, The Elizabeth) and tells him to get the boat and meet them to bring them all over the Hydra Island.

Sawyer asks for Kate’s assistance. MIB goes off to have word with Sayid and Sawyer tells Jack that they aren’t going to meet MIB. Instead he wants Jack to sneak off with Sun, Hurley, and Frank (or “the pilot” as Sawyer doesn’t seem to ever be able to remember his name). He’s to lead them to the old dharma dock where Sawyer and Kate will meet them to sail over to the Hydra Island to meet Widmore, whom he has a deal with. Jack asks about Claire but Sawyer indicates that she’s coo coo for coco puffs and lost her invitation when she tried to kill Kate.

MIB tells Sayid to go to the well and kill Desmond. Sayid is hesitant, leading MIB to ask Sayid if he still wants what he asked for. Sayid says he does and heads off to the well. Once he reaches the well he points his gun at Desmond, who is sitting calmly in the water at the bottom, which is no where near as deep as the sound effects last week suggested it would be. Desmond asks Sayid what MIB promised him, and Sayid responds that he could get back the woman he loved, even though she was dead. When Desmond asks how MIB would be able to help with that Sayid responds that MIB brought him back from the dead, so why wouldn’t he be able to bring back his love as well? Desmond asks Sayid what he would tell his beloved when she asked what he has to do to be with her again.

When they arrive at the coast Sawyer tells Kate that it’s a terrible idea to meet back up with MIB and reveals that he has arranged for Jack to bring Hurley, Sun, and “that pilot looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie” to meet them. She asks about Claire but Sawyer tells her that the Claire she had come back for is gone, and that this Claire is far too dangerous. They swim out to The Elizabeth.

Back in Locke’s group Claire tells Jack that she trusts MIB because he is the only one who didn’t abandon her. Locke drops back looking for Sayid. He asks Sun if she’s seen him and Sun (still unable to speak English) writes a pissed note to MIB saying “you did this to me.” MIB says he didn’t do anything to her, but scurries off to continue looking for Sayid. He tells Cindy to keep everyone moving and that he’ll meet up soon. Jack sees this as his chance and leads Sun, Hurley, and Frank away from the group. Claire sees them abandon her once again. Harsh.

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Locke finds Sayid and wants to know what took so long. Sayid says he needed a moment after just killing an unarmed man. MIB is a little suspicious but Sayid says he killed Desmond and MIB could go and check if he liked. MIB takes his word for it and they continue on to catch up with the group. Seriously MIB? Sloppy work. While we don’t officially know whether Desmond is alive or dead it seems pretty obvious that he triggered a change of heart in Sayid and is doing just fine somewhere, preferably out of the well. That’s gonna come back to bite you in the ass, brother.

Jack’s group runs through the jungle and for a moment it appears that Jack has led them astray and they are lost. Thankfully they find their way to the dock where Kate and Sawyer are waiting for them on the boat. They prepare to leave but Claire appears from the jungle with a riffle. To be fair if someone just abandoned me after I blatantly told them how much it sucked when everyone abandoned me last time, I’d be a little pissed too. Kate talks her down by telling her that they aren’t going with MIB because he isn’t Locke. Kate asks Claire to come with them. Claire says that MIB made her a promise, but Claire assures her that she is making a promise to her now that she will get her off the island and reunite her with Aaron. Claire agrees to join them and lets Kate take her rifle, but she ominously says that when he finds out they have left he is going to be mad.

They begin sailing to the Hydra Island. Sawyer lets Frank in on the plan saying that that they are going to take Widmore’s sub and get off the island. This suits Frank just fine. Some food is located in the cabin and Sun, Frank, and Hurley take their leave. Sawyer gives Kate the wheel so he can go have a one on one with Jack he is playing his new favorite game: staring at the ocean. Sawyer tells him he glad to see that Jack has finally come around to taking orders from other people. Jack says that this doesn’t feel right. He remembers what it felt like when he left the island the first time – like something was missing.

“It doesn't feel right leaving the island. We were brought here because we were supposed to do something. If Locke wants us to leave, maybe he's scared of what will happen if we stay. The island is not done with us yet.” ~ Jack

Sawyer says Jack can either cut the crazy talk or get the hell off his boat. He says that he is done with the island and that if Jack wants to take a leap of faith he should take it . . . over the end of the boat. Jack tells him that he is sorry he got Juliet killed, jumps into the water, and begins swimming back to the mainland. Kate says they have to go back for Jack but Sawyer says they are done going back.

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When Sawyer’s boat arrives at the Hydra Island they are met by Widmore’s people who raise their guns. They lower their weapons when Zoe says it is okay, she knows Sawyer. Jin appears and sees Sun on the beach. FINALLY! Reunited and it feels so good! They rush towards each other and I like to think that for a moment the entire viewing audience screamed at their TV because we were all convinced they were going to get zapped by Widmore’s makeshift sonic fence.

Luckily the fence wasn’t turned on and Jin and Sun got to embrace and kiss. Sun tells him (in English) that she loves him and Jin promises they will never be apart again. Frank got the dubious job of pointing out to the audience that they’re speaking English and this should be a big deal.

“Looks like someone got their voice back.” ~ Frank

Yes, it was a completely corny and pretty lame, but apparently it was necessary because a lot of viewers commented later that they didn’t notice they were speaking English until it was pointed out to them. While all this is going down, Zoe radios Widmore. She tells Sawyer’s group to put their hands up and get on the ground. Sawyer reminds her that he has a deal with Widmore, but Zoe says the deal is off. She confirms with Widmore that they have a sightline on MIB and says to fire when ready.

Jack swims back to the beach of the main island and find MIB and several of his people waiting. MIB makes light of Jack’s swimming and then confirms rather nonchalantly that Sawyer took his boat, almost as if he was expecting it to happen. The missiles fired by Widmore’s people land on the beach with great explosions. Jack and several others are thrown through the air.

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Jack is disorientated. MIB picks Jack up and takes him out of the line of fire. He leans Jack against a tree and assures him that everything will be alright.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay. You’re with me now.” ~ MIB

Bloopers, Sidenotes, and Questions

Jack says to MIB that he chased saw his father on the island three days after the crash, but it was actually six days. At the end of “White Rabbit” he begins his speech with “it’s been six days . . . “

The EMT mentions that Locke's wheelchair was "smashed to pieces", yet in "Everybody Loves Hugo", the wheelchair is shown intact, standing upright after the accident.

Sawyer addresses an officer as “LaShade”. This was the character played by Bill Dee Williams on Expose in “Expose”.

Why has Widmore called off his deal with Sawyer, and why is he blasting MIB with missiles? Does he really think a missile is going to do anything to MIB?

Is Sayid still super evil, or did Desmond have a profound effect on him?

Why is David’s mother? It’s seeming more and more likely that it’s going to turn out to be Juliet. I expect we’ll find out next week which is rumored to be a Jack centric episode.

I’m seriously hoping that the cop Ben talks to about the hit and run turns out to be Ana Lucia who then turns out to be Miles’s girlfriend. Just saying.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lost Comic

While I take my sweet time posting this week’s recap, here’s a comic that amuses me way more than it should. I unfortunately don’t have the source for it because I came across it in the comments of a ONTD_Lost post. If anyone knows the direct source please share!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lost ~ Everybody Loves Hugo

For those of you who don’t know, Hurley is my Lost boyfriend. Always has been, and always will be. His episodes are always among my favorites, and this most recent episode was no exception. Jorge Garcia really got a chance to show off his acting chops (and mutton chops! What what!) in this heartwarming episode. We got the return of fan favorites, lots of explosions, and surprises. Oh, and how about they throw in a solid answer on a series-long mystery while they’re at it? If you haven’t watched this episode yet, go grab yourselves a bucket of chicken and catch up! The rest of you move on along to the rest of the blog. Just be sure to let MIB check you out on your way by.

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The Sideways-verse: Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Libby!

The episode begins with a video presentation about Hugo narrated by Pierre Chang. It describes how everybody loves Hugo, which gosh golly is the name of the episode! We learn that Sideways Hugo has been blessed with good fortune since birth. He was able to turn his lifelong love of chicken into a successful career by establishing Mr. Cluck’s empire around the world. He is renowned as a humanitarian and all around good guy. Chang announces that the new paleontology wing at the Golden State Natural History Museum will be named in honor of Hugo, and he then announces him as their Man of the Year. Everyone applauds and showers Hugo with love. More importantly, they shower him with this awesome T-rex shaped award.

Score! Hugo’s mother isn’t so amused.

Carmen Reyes: Everybody loves Hugo. You know who doesn't? Women.
Hugo: Ma!
Carmen Reyes: You need a woman in your life, especially one who has not nursed you.
Hugo: That's disgusting.

His mother sets him up on a blind date with his granfather’s neighbor’s daughter, Rosalita. We next see Hugo at Spanish Johnny’s. The waiter offers to refill his tortilla chips – he has clearly been waiting some time. A woman approaches the table and callis Hugo by his name. He jumps up and greats her (thinking she is Rosalita) and admits he wasn’t expecting someone so pretty. Silly Hugo, that’s not Rosalita, it’s Libby (but of course he doesn’t know that). She says she isn’t his date, but that she had seen him from across the room. He asks how she knew his name. Libby takes his hands and asks him if he believes people can be connected like soulmates. She asks if he remembers her, but he does not. Doctor Brooks interrupts and take Libby away. Hugo follows them out and sees Libby get loaded up into a Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute van.

The next day Hugo drowns his sorrows in chicken at Mr. Clucks. He sees Desmond watching him and Desmond asks if he knows him, and then whether he was on Oceanic 815. He then points out that Hurley is eating a lot of chicken.

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He eats when he’s depressed! Lay off! He tells Desmond that he met an awesome woman at a restaurant, but there is just one problem – she’s crazy! She said they already knew each other, but if that was true Hugo would definitely remember. Desmond suggests that Hugo follow his gut and try to find out why she thinks they know each other before giving up on her. He leaves when his order (#42) is called.

Hugo goes to Santa Rosa to try and talk to Libby, but Doctor Brooks doesn’t think that would be a very good idea. He quickly changes his mind, however, when Hugo writes a check for $100,000 for improvements to the hospital (man, that’s gonna be one pimp rec room). Hurley meets Libby in a super island and butterfly themed meeting room. We also see Leonard (the patient who endlessly repeated the numbers) wandering around in the background.

Hugo asks Libby why she thinks she knows him, and she admits her explanation doesn’t make any sense. She said she saw him on TV and all of these memories came rushing back from her life, except it was another life. In this other life there was a plane crash, they were on an island, and she’s pretty sure they liked each other. She also thinks she remembers him being at Santa Rosa. Hugo says he’s never been to Santa Rosa before and he still doesn’t remember anything. Regardless, he asks if she ever gets any day passes and if she would like to go no a date with him.

"It takes a lot of guts to tell someone that you are from some Bizarro Alternate Universe". ~ Hugo

Later Libby and Hugo FINALLY get to have their beach picnic! And Hugo remembered the blanket! He also brought a bunch of different cheeses, because who doesn’t like cheese? Plus chicken would have been way too obvious. Libby says being on the beach with Hugo was familiar – like a date they’d never had. Hugo asks why she would want to be with him. She says it’s because she likes him, and they kiss sweetly. While they kiss vivid memories of Libby and the island rush back to Hugo. He tells her that he thinks he remembers stuff and that she isn’t crazy after all! Desmond has been watching from a distance in his car and drives off, pretty satisfied with himself.

Now in a complete departure from Hugo’s storyline, we find Desmond who is sitting in a school parking lot like acting like a total Pedo Bear. Luckily Ben knocked on his window and it pretty much went like this:

Desmond makes up some story about being new to the area and looking for a school for his son. Ben doesn’t quite buy it, but they part ways anyway. What Ben didn’t realize is that Desmond was actually watching Locke. Desmond starts his car and suddenly, and very intentionally, hits Locke at high speed, sending him flying over the car.

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Desmond speeds off like nothing had happened. Locke is bleeding and very badly hurt, but he is still alive – at least for now. Ben and others rush to his aid. Better get him to a hospital, STAT – so, you know, he can hang out with Jack who’ll totally cure Locke’s paralysis if he lives.

Original Timeline: Respect Hurley’s authority!

Hurley is at Libby’s grave, talking aloud, saying that he wishes he could talk to her and not some lame other ghost like Michael. Ilana interrupts to say that they will need to leave for the Hydra island right away after she gets back from retrieving dynamite from the Black Rock. She says that she isn’t sure blowing up the plane is the right thing to do, but it’s the best move they have. She asks about the grave and he says Libby was a survivor and that they were about to have her first date, but she was murdered. Ilana leaves and we hear whispers. Michael appears and says he has come to stop Hurley from getting everyone killed. Hurley doesn’t see any reason to trust Michael, considering he murdered Libby. Michael says that none of that matters now because if Hurley lets them blow up the plane a lot of people are going to die, and it since people are listening to Hurley now it will be his fault. Jack comes to retrieve Hurley and Michael disappears.

At the camp Ilana has returned with the dynamite (really? There’s some fishy timing going on around here – did she already go to the Black Rock before talking to Hurley? I’m fuzzy on this timeline) and says that they must make it to the Hydra island to destroy the plane before nightfall. She says she has 4 sticks of dynamite from the Black Rock, which makes Hurley uneasy. He says he doesn’t think that this is such a good idea, especially since the dynamite is so unstable. Ilana says that she has to do what needs to be done to protect them, but Hurley doesn’t get how blowing up a plane is going to protect anyone. She says it is the only way to prevent that “thing” from leaving the island. She reminds them that Jacob told her that Richard would know what to do, and Richard said to blow up the plane. All the while she’s been waving her dynamite filled pack around. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Until she sets the pack down.

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Bye bye Ilana. Later Hurley goes through her tent and comes across a copy of Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground in Russian and the bag containing Jacob’s ashes. He looks inside the bag and keeps it. Richard tells him that they must go to the Black Rock to get more dynamite or Ilana’s death will have been in vain.

Jack: Now what?
Richard: We get more dynamite or she died for nothing.
Jack: Maybe she died to show us to stay the hell away from dynamite.

Touché. Jack adds that he promised Sun that he would get her off the island, and Richard says he wishes Jack hadn’t made that promise. Hurley speaks up with authority and says that Richard is right and that it is the only choice they have. His eyes beg Jack to trust him. Jack agrees.

As they all make their way to the Black Rock Ben makes an astute observation.

“It kind of makes you think. No sooner does she tell you who you are when she blows up. The Island was done with her. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen to us when it’s done with us.” ~ Ben

When they arrive at the Black Rock they realize that Hurley is no longer with them. Just then Hurley comes running from the ship and yells for them all to run. The Black Rock explodes.

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I am officially impressed that Hurley managed to pass them without being noticed. He must have found a short-cut when he fled from Jack and Richard's game of dynamite chicken. Richard is furious and wants to know why Hurley did it. He says it was to protect them. While Richard declares they are all doomed, Miles asks Hurley why he did it. Hurley confides in his ghost whispering friend that Michael told him to stop them from blowing up the plane. As Miles only knew Michael as Kevin Johnson, Hurley elaborates that Michael is one of the dead people who come to yell at him.

Miles: That happen a lot? Dead people yelling at you.
Hugo: It happens enough.
Miles: And you just listen to whatever they say?
Hugo: Dead people are more reliable than alive people.

Richard says that they need to go back to the Dharma barracks and to find grenades and explosives so they can complete their task. Jack thinks they should all talk this out, but Hurley says he knows what to do. They need to go and talk with Locke (MIB). Ben asks if Hurley is trying to get them all killed. Hurley points to an empty spot in front of him and says Jacob told him they need to talk to Locke. Richard doesn’t believe him and tells him to ask Jacob what the island is. Hurley walks up to the empty spot next to Richard and quietly says that he doesn’t need to prove anything to Richard. Either he can come with them to talk to Locke or go keep trying to blow stuff up. Richard calls Hurley out as a liar and says that Jacob never tells people what to do. (Sidenote: We know this isn’t exactly true in Hurley’s case. Jacob told Hurley that he needed to go back to the island, and he told Hurley that he needed to get Sayid to the temple. Then he told Hurley that he needed to bring Jack to the lighthouse. Seems to me that Jacob tells Hurley what to do all the time!). Richard days that if that thing leaves the island, everything will be over (but, you know, in a way more ominous “the world is going to end” way than that just sounded). He asks for help destroying the plane. Ben and Miles join him. Oh no, there are no Candidates on your team, Richard! Now I’m terrified for you all! Jack says that if Jacob says to talk to Locke, they will talk to Locke. Sun, Jack, and Frank all follow Hurley.

As they walk through the jungle at night Sun (who is still temporarily unable to speak English, although she can understand it) is a little concerned.

Probably, Frank replies. Hurley and Jack walk together in the front.

“So whatta think we should say to Locke when we get there? I mean, how do you break the ice with a smoke monster?” ~ Hurley

Jack says that Locke will probably do most of the talking. Hurley admits that he didn’t really see Jacob. Jack says he knows, but every since he got Juliet killed all he’s wanted to do was fix it, but he knows there is no way to fix it. As hard as it is for him to let others take the lead, he thinks maybe the point is to let go. Hurley reminds him that it is his idea to see Locke, and what if following Hurley’s lead is the very thing that leads to everyone dying? Jack says he trusts Hurley. Hurley adds that he has no idea where they are going. The whispers return and everyone looks frightened. Don’t worry, guys – Hurley’s got this one. He thinks he knows what the whispers are. He tells them to stay put and he walks off in another direction.

As expected, Hurley finds Michael nearby. He asks Michael if there are others like him on the island. Michael says that they are the ones who can’t move on. And yes, they are the source of the whispers. Huzzah! Giant mystery revealed! Was it a shocking revelation? Not so much. But at least it was said out loud! Check that off your mystery list! Anywho, Michael shows Hurley the way to Locke’s camp. Hurley asks if there is anything he can do for Michael, and Michael says to try and not get himself killed. Also, if he ever sees Libby again, tell her that he is very sorry.

MIB’s group: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

MIB is working on a large stick with his knife. Sawyer asks him if it is a spear, and MIB replies that he doesn’t know what it is yet, but when the time is right the stick will tell him. Sawyer isn’t impressed, and he’s getting mighty antsy. MIB tells him and Kate that they are waiting for Hurley, Jack, and Sun to arrive. He says that much like they all needed to be on the Ajira flight in order to return to the island, they must all be together in order to leave. Kate doesn’t think there’s much of a chance that the others will be joining them anytime soon. MIB hopes she is wrong. Sayid returns from his mission and blatantly ignores Sawyer. He asks (in his sketchy accent – still evil in case you were worried!) to speak to MIB in private.

Sayid tells MIB that Widmore did not see him but some of his people did. He said he didn’t see the need in killing all of the people who saw him since he got when he came for.

Hey Brother! MIB apologizes to Desmond for his being tied up. Desmond says it is okay – he doesn’t blame Sayid, but as he tried to explain that there was no need for the rope since he has no where to run to. MIB says that’s the best reason against captivity he’s heard, and releases Desmond from his bonds. MIB asks Desmond why Widmore brought him to the island. Desmond responds that, as he was kidnapped, that question would be better asked of Widmore. What Desmond does know is that Widmore threw him into a wood shack and exposed him to large amounts of electromagnetism. MIB wonders how Desmond could know what it was Widmore blasted him with and Des responded “experience.” After a beat MIB asks of Desmond knows who he (MIB) is. Desmond responds that he is John Locke, of course. Is Desmond truly that far out of the loop (doubtful) or is he playing some neat mind games here? MIB dismisses Sayid and says there is something he would like to show Desmond.

As the walk through the jungle MIB asks Desmond to remind him how long it was that Desmond pushed the button in the hatch. Desmond says that he did it for three years. MIB remarks that it seems like the island has it in for Desmond. Desmond says there is nothing special about him, and that the island has it in for all of them. MIB agrees, and both he and Desmond see a mysterious boy. This is the same boy who appeared to MIB and Sawyer in "The Substitute", but a little older looking and with noticeably darker hair. Desmond asks who he is, but MIB says to ignore him. The boy smiles at Desmond and runs off.

MIB leads Desmond to a well, nearly identical to the one at the orchid station. MIB drops his torch down the well to demonstrate its depth. MIB explains that the well is very old and that it was built by hand by people a long time ago who were looking for answers. He says that that the people had noticed the needle on their compasses spin crazily on spots around the island (you know, like they would when encountered with large amounts of electromagnetism), so they had dug wells like this one to try and find answers. MIB says that they wells yielded no answers. He says he has shown Desmond the well because Widmore is not interested in answers, only in power and that is why had had brought Desmond back – to help Widmore find what he is looking for. Desmond says he doubts this is the only reason MIB brought him to the well. MIB wants to know why Desmond isn’t afraid.

“What's the point of being afraid?” ~ Desmond

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MIB pushes Desmond into the well and he plummets to the bottom. Spoiler alert – he lives (at least for now).

MIB returns to his camp and tells Sayid that they don’t need to worry about Desmond any more. At that point Hurley walks into the camp. He asks MIB for a truce so that no one is killed. MIB gives Hurley his word and his knife. Sun, Frank, and Jack enter the camp. Sun scans the group for Jin. Jack eyes MIB uneasily. MIB is pretty damn pleased with himself.

Eastereggs, Sidenotes, and Questions

  • Jorge Garcia’s dog, Nunu, is pictured during Hugo’s film tribute.

  • A light for filming can be seen in the top right corner of the screen at approx 28:42 as Hurley, Jack, Sun and Frank walk through the jungle at night.

  • Seinfield Alert! Hurley refers to an award from “The Human Fund.” This is a fictional charity George Costanza makes up on the episode "The Strike" to avoid spending money on Christmas gifts.

  • According to math done by someone more patient than me (but I totally could have done it if I wanted to) Desmond took a pretty long spill to the bottom of the well. It took roughly 2.5 seconds for the MiB's torch to drop in the latter well. Given that gravity is usually 9.8 mps from a free fall at sea level, the depth to the water level is around 24.5 meters or 80.38 feet.

  • Hugo did not experience a mirror moment in the Sideways-verse. Perhaps his film tribute served this purpose?

  • Who is the mysterious boy and why does he look so much older and less blonde?

  • Why did Desmond hit Locke with his car? Does he think that he is preventing the evil of MIB from reaching the world? Did he just have a flash of MIB pushing him down the well and he’s wicked pissed? Did he see a flash of MIB doing something even worse in the future, but he isn’t able to differentiate between MIB and John Locke? Is he trying to give Locke a near death experience so that he can realize his true island soul mate is Ben Linus? Does he just really hate bald cripples?